Who are we?

ThankYouForCaring, an Elmsford based business, connects local non-profit organizations and businesses through a merchant-based discount program that rewards volunteers for their efforts.

ThankYouForCaring provides a Discount Card to non-profit organizations to distribute to those who volunteer their time. The card is also given out at local thrift shops accepting donations, clothing drives and home pick-up, and blood drives.

Our goal is to improve the relationship between businesses and non-profits, by offering programs that keep the best interest of both in mind.  We feel that acknowledgment of volunteerism and non-profit involvement is a key to this relationship, as is designing programs that are financially beneficial to the businesses involved.


Non-profit organizations can use the ThankYouForCaring Card as a free way for to thank their volunteer base, without spending money targeted for their mission.  It can also be used as a donor incentive.

The volunteer benefit is in savings, as well as ongoing acknowledgement of their good work.

The businesses gain by getting new business, as well as being more involved in their community.

How it works

Just present the card at any of the businesses offering discount.  If it is a coupon offer, print or save the coupon to your phone.  No further information is required to use the card.  Each business determines the discount they offer.  Think of it as a reusable plastic coupon. Detail may be found here


Is ThankYouForCaring a non-profit organization?
No.  We are a regular business based in Westchester County.

I volunteer.  Can I get a card?
We only give cards out through non-profit organizations.  Have them contact us for cards.

Are the cards always free?
For non-profit volunteers, yes they are.  We do charge for cards given to corporate volunteer programs, and for cards used as fundraising incentives.

We would like to use the card as a fund raising tool.  How does that work?
Contact us for details. 

My business would like to offer a discount.  What do we do next?
Call John Higgins 914-424-8888 or write john@ThankYouForCaring.com